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MUSIC REHEARSAL Studios and Rates


  • Guitar Amps: All rooms have 5 or more pro-guitar amps, from vintage Fender to custom boutiques (30 watts to 100 watts).
  • Drums: 5 piece professional (Yamaha, Pearl) kits with Sabian cymbals.
  • Keyboards & Acoustic Pianos: All rooms (except Studio E) have two-tiered keyboard rigs with weighted keys on bottom & synths on top.
  • Bass rigs: Each room has different cabinet combos dependent upon size of room, including 8 x 10 units, 2 x 15 plus 2 x 10 units, etc. All rigs have modern bass heads (Ampeg, SWR, GK, Hartke).
  • Vocal PA's: extremely effective in all volume situations from delicate acoustic to heavy metal. Vocal monitors for drums & singers in every room.
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Studio Weekday Rates
11:00am - 6:30pm
Book 2 hrs
Get 3rd Free
Weekday Rates
after 6:00 pm
Weekend Rates
between 11:00am - 1:00am
Book 2 hrs
Get 3rd Free
Studio A $24 $38 $38
Studio B $23 $36 $36
Studio C $22 $33 $33
Studio D $22 $33 $33
Studio E $18 $24 $24
Studio F $23 $36 $36
Studio G $20 $31 $31
Studio H $20 $31 $31
Studio I $24 $38 $38
Studio X $18 $24 $24
Studio 5 $24 $38 $38
Studio 1 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 15x12
6 people
$40/hr weeknights $30/hr weekends
Studio 5 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 10x12
4 people

Studio 6 - Non Alcoholic Campus Facility 22x13
7 people
$40/hr $35/hr
Studio 8 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 11x12
5 people
$35/hr $25/hr
Studio 9 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 11x15
4 people
$30/hr $25/hr
Studio A - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 18x31
10 - 15 people
$60/hr $40/hr
Studio F
Showcase 1 $125* $125 $125
Showcase 2 $75* $75 $75
Showcase 3 $75* $75 $75
  • All equipment is subject to change
  • No additional charge for extra cables & microphones.
  • No additional charge for use of credit card.

reserve a Studio


To make a reservation, we'll need:
  • Number of people in your band or an estimate (Our rooms vary in size, we want to make sure we don't put bands into rooms that are too small)
  • Style of music (We want to make sure we don't put a heavy metal band next to an acoustic band)
  • $25.00 credit card deposit or $50.00 cash deposit
  • If you are using a credit card please be prepared to provide the credit card number, expiration date, security code, and billing zip code.
  • Book 2 Get 1 Free Specials Begin at 11:00 am.
  • Hours: 10:30am – 1:00am, 7 days a week (We are only open until our latest booking)
  • We will accommodate early AM start time - special rates apply.


  • Book 2 Hrs/Get the 3rd Hr FREE! Mon-Fri 11am-6:30pm off-peak rates
  • Book 2 Get 3rd Hr FREE: Friday pm; Sat & Sunday all day peak rates apply
  • $20/hr any room Mon-Thur 10pm start time (restrictions apply**)
  • $15/hr any room Mon-Thurs 10:30/11pm start time (restrictions apply**)
  • NEW! Saturday Night Special: 6 pm - 1 am,   $50 flat rate, book 3 hrs any studio
  • Sunday Evening Special: 9pm or later start time $40 flat rate, book 3 hrs any studio**

All rooms include mirrors, couches/seating, air conditioning, fans, marker boards, rack guitar tuners, CD recording available for an additional fee.

**10:00pm/10:30pm specials - room subject to change
**Sunday 9pm special - room subject to change

Sorry, we currently do not offer email reservations or cancellations



So that we may accommodate everyone, we are unable to make exceptions to our policies.
  • When canceling a booking you will be given a cancellation number. Please write down your cancellation number and the name of the staff member you spoke with.
  • In case of a discrepancy, each customer must provide the date the cancellation was made, the cancellation number and the name of the staff person they spoke with for verification purposes.
  • All phone calls are recorded for booking verification purposes. 
  • Rescheduling is the same as canceling and all Cancellation Fees Apply.
  • We Are Not Responsible for weather conditions, transit issues, personal emergencies, the rest of the band not showing up, etc. Please note: during winter weather all cancellation policies are in effect as our staff is always here for you.

  • 48 Hours Notice: NO CHARGE
  • 24 Hours Notice: HALF AMOUNT DUE
  • Same-Day/No Show: FULL AMOUNT DUE

LONG-TERM BOOKINGS (Bookings made more than a month in advance)
  • 4 Days Notice: NO CHARGE
  • 48 Hours Notice: HALF THE AMOUNT DUE
  • 24 Hours, Same Day or No Show: FULL AMOUNT DUE