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Music Makers signature "reserved" jam sessions 

Next Jam: Saturday, October 24

Upcoming Jams are: 11/7, 11/21

New jam info is posted to the webisre on the Monday following each jam.
Save $10.00 when you register by Thursday before each jam.

We offer "Reserved Jams" - Your Slot is Guaranteed, No Instrument
Rotation, Limited Participants & Playing Levels for Each Room.
1.  If you're not a member, please complete your Music Profile 
2.  Already a member, click Register Now for the jam you are
     interested in.
3.  A Music Makers representative will respond to confirm your request.

Questions?  Email: musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com or call 212-239-7054
Visit our Calendar for all Jam Dates

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Come jam with us on Friday, June 29th! For the first time we would like to invite you In this opportunity to a short performance of one of our Groups from the Music Workshops Program at 6:30pm before starting the Jam. After this, three rooms are available playing everything from classic rock to pop. Each room will jam from 7:00 to 9:30 under the guidance of one of our multi-talented Jam Coordinators. From 9:30 to 10:15 we'll all come together in Studio A for a music social where each jam band performs a couple of songs. Submit your registration with instrument request and we'll let you know which room you'll be playing in. It's a great night to play some music and meet your fellow Music Makers. Please note the performance portion of the evening is open only to registered jammers.

Rehearsals: Friday, June 29th 6:30pm Pre-Jam Show / 7:00-9:30 jam time! 9:30 to 10:15 live performance!

Cost: $50.00

Instruments Available:
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Guitar, Vocals, Vocals, Drums

Reserved Jam Terms/Conditions

  • By submitting registration online, via email or telephone, it is understood you have read and agree to all terms & conditions listed below.
  • Complete your membership profile. "What's a Music Profile?" you ask... Watch this video.
  • All participants need to have valid credit card information on file for processing of jam fees.
  • Once your slot is confirmed, fees are non-transferable & non-refundable
  • Special note for bass & drums:  We understand and appreciate the limited availability of your slots. We have worked to accommodate your needs.  Your positions are critical for the jam to occur therefore we requiree 48 hours notice should you not be able to attend.  An additional fee of $75.00 fee will be charged to your account in order to secure a last minute replacement.
  • No Shows - Bass/drum same day cancel: Should Music Makers be required to refund the other participants who registered for the jam you are cancelling out of, your acount will be charged the full amount of all refunds Music Makers is required to pay to the other customers. You Membership will be re-evaluated.
  • Jam passes are not valid at reserved jams (or any other MMNY jams).